Another Semester Down

Spring 2023 Student Evaluations are in. Here is a selection of comments from my student evaluations.


• The course layout on Canvas.

• Well-paced and Manageable for MBA students  who are working.

• The strongest aspects of this class were the real life examples that Mark shared through his prior work experience. Each week had a different, relevant example that he used to get the point across. This class is extremely valuable for all aspects of a corporation because it teaches you to drill down deeper to figure out the “why” behind certain business issues. I also enjoyed hearing about all the different technology and how it affects the accounting profession.

• I enjoyed our discussions most of all. Both in and outside of class. They were very helpful in achieving understanding of different accounting concepts.

• The Wiley learning program that accompanied the textbook was an excellent resource. It allowed me to take an attempt at problem solving and if I got it wrong the first time then I was encouraged to fix the parts of the problem that were wrong for only a small penalty. This allowed me to actually learn rather than worry about getting it 100% right the first time. This coupled with Professor’s Koscinski’s real world experiences were the best part of the course. He has a lot of personal experiences which are completely relevant to the course and my experiences in the business world as well.

• Connecting managerial accounting concepts and principles to real-world applications was a strength of the class. While there was plenty of accounting-focused content, the way that this content applies to business situations and managerial decision-making was a focus. I found this to be a very positive aspect of the course. The course was rigorous (which I liked), yet very manageable. Overall, I enjoyed the class and only have positive feedback about it. 


The lectures were very in-depth

• Real life application of topics.

• The presentations we had to do were fun an engaging and was one of the exercises that made me learn the most.

• Course workload. Assignment balancing. Collaborative work.

• The professor’s passion for the material, his availability outside of class and ability to communicate and help.

• The strongest aspects was the discussion posts that we did and the discussions we had in class about them. 


• Professor K’s the best! 

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