As I write this, the first day of school is happening or will happen for the youngsters of our country.  I wanted to share this gem, adapted from the Byzantine Missal, written by Archbishop Joseph Raya and Baron Jose De Vinck in 1958. Those of you who have studied the Byzantine Church and its theology are more than familiar with Archbishop Raya. I do not need to sing his praises here.Minor modifications have been made to the text to modernize the grammar and vocabulary:

Let Us Pray to the Lord!

Response: Lord Have Mercy!

O Lord Our God and Creator, who honored men with Your own image, and instructed Your elect so those who listen become most wise; O You who reveals wisdom to the Little Ones; who inspired Solomon and all those who sought Your truth: open now the mind, the heart and lips of Your servants (N) that they may receive every day of their lives the knowledge offered to them; that they may increase in wisdom and in the fulfillment of Your Commandments; and being so prepared, may glorify Your all-holy Name and become heirs to Your kingdom, for You are our God, mighty in your mercy and gracious in Your strength, and to You we give glory, Father, Son, + and Holy Spirit, now and unto the ages of ages. 

Response: Amen

I wish all of our schoolchildren a fruitful and safe school year!