With the closing of the 2018/2019 academic year,  I began looking back at what I did outside the classroom with the Moravian  College students.   This is a partial list:

  •  Sponsored three internships
    • One student completed a strategic plan for MOCEANS CIL, Inc.(MOCEANS).  She attended our recent gala  with another Moravian student to continue her relationship with MOCEANS.  I was Chairman of MOCEANS for approximately four years.
    • Another student interned at a local craft store.  Her internship covered marketing and general management of the store.  I was moderator of Stitches, the craft club of Moravian.
    • A third student interned in the accounting department of a large local HVAC company. This internship came our way from the mother of one of my students.  Her daughter was happy with the class and suggested I might be able to find an intern for her company.
  • Served as the faculty adviser for Stitches.  This was truly a pleasure for me.  The students crocheted hats and scarves for local shelters.  Their selfless action and their quiet commitment were  truly beautiful to behold.
  • Served as faculty adviser for over twenty students
  • Moderated two academic panels 
    • The 13th Annual Undergraduate Conference on Medieval Studies sponsored by Moravian
    • An InFocus panel dealing with War and Peace and Creating the Just Society
  • Made a presentation to the Moravian Business Leader Club.  This was the third in a series of presentations on decision making.
  • Worked with another professor and a senior to develop an honors project proposal.  I am especially looking forward to this project in the next academic year.  We have an outstanding student with a great topic!
  • Participated in the IRS VITA (Volunteer Income Tax Assistance) Program again.  Students prepared approximately 50 federal, state and local income tax returns under faculty supervision. It truly was fun to see students take their theoretical knowledge and apply it in the real world.
  • And of course, there is always the Accounting Club! 

It was an action packed year.  I hope next year will be just as fruitful and rewarding.

Moravian Students Attending the MOCEANS Gala!
Celebration of Thirty Years of Service to Our Community!