Besides being a CPA and a professor of accounting, I  am also an ordained Catholic deacon.  I  have an earned doctorate in Christian Spirituality from Drew University in Madison, NJ.   I studied under James Pain, the dean of the Casperson School of Graduate Studies and the Pfeiffer Professor of Religion.  Dean Pain was the chairman of my dissertation committee. My topic was forgiveness in the Eastern Christian Tradition.

Since that time,  I have taught “Constantine the Great”  for Byzantine On-line, a certificate program sponsored by the St. Cyril and Methodius Byzantine Catholic Seminary.  I also prepared a course named “Athanasius the Great”.  Obviously I have a great deal of interest in people surnamed  “the Great”.  I am sure the next class will deal with “Basil the Great!”

Much of the material in this section can be used for college classroom lectures with minimal adaption.