Selected Student Comments From the Spring 2021 Semester

• Dr. K is a great professor and the material in this class is a good extension of the Federal Income Tax course.

 Dr. K did a great job at outlining this course. He kept it interesting and updated the learning environment to still fulfill our needs while learning online. Most teachers tried to keep the same format as before the pandemic but in this course I can clearly tell Dr. K did his best to help keep things fresh in a changed environment. A+ 

• The strongest aspect of the course is the Instructor. He understood that everyone in the class had prior accounting knowledge and restructured his lecture for materials not touched on in class. It was referred to as extra content, which was very much appreciated 

• Dr. K, he is a wealth of knowledge and an excellent professor.  For a short course, a lot was covered and it was not overwhelming 

• I really liked how the weekly discussions were incorporated into our grade, it took classroom learning even farther and brought outside research. This class was set up very well.

 The lectures were very informative, and the discussion posts were very helpful in making me think critically about in-class content outside of class and in different situations. 

• A good balance between class material and real life example for international businesses. Instructor and students respect each other.

 • The discussion posts allowed me to better understand the topics and were nice to see the comments of classmates on similar topics and their opinions.

 • For this eight week course, Dr. Koscinski divided the workload very well and gave excellent explanations of the information reviewed, and made the class enjoyable.

 • The strongest aspects of this course was how he taught and how fast he gave feed back on graded assignments. Professor was also very helpful and willing to help however he could.

 • Strongest aspect of this class was the professor’s extensive knowledge of the material.

 • The ability of having an experienced professor teaching the course. Assignments were pretty self explanatory, and when there was doubt you could always count on Dr. K to explain it to you.