The following is the text of the observation of one of my classes by a senior professor at Moravian College. It is part of the recurring classroom observation. Names have been removed for privacy purposes but the text of the letter is available if warranted.

On Wednesday, March 17, 2021, I had the pleasure of observing Dr. Mark Koscinski’s ECON 341
class (Investment and Portfolio Management). The class was taught in-person, face-to-face
with eight students in attendance. Several more students were participating in the class
session via Zoom.

Mark has a very engaging manner with his students and held their attention throughout the
entire session. He opened the class by posing scenarios to his students about decision-making
and risk. The students seemed genuinely interested in these scenarios and curious about the
topic. He proceeded to review the previous lecture, helping to reinforce the key principles from
prior classes. Mark then talked about rational and irrational decision-making, especially as it
pertains to investment theory. He referenced the source material for his students throughout
the lecture, thereby ensuring they would have access to this material for deeper exploration.
It was obvious that Mark had established a solid rapport with his students. His manner is both
friendly and approachable. He was able to take complicated topics and present them in a
manner that the students related to as well as understood. Mark would use many applied
examples from daily life to reinforce his points. The students responded positively to this and
would offer their own observations as well.

Mark’s pacing and control of the topic and classroom were also quite evident. These abilities
led to a class that was focused and productive, while remaining enjoyable for the students.
When observing the students, I could tell that they were paying attention to the topic as well as
reflecting upon what was being taught.

Mark is able to present complicated material in a manner that is informative and engaging. His
use of appropriate examples, personal relatability, and probing of students served to create a
class session that was informative and applicable

Thank you for letting me observe Mark in action. I was highly impressed with Mark’s teaching
and know that he is a valuable member of our department. His contributions are many and I
hope to have the opportunity to work with Mark for many years to come. If you have any
questions, or need any other information, please let me know.