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Reviewed by Asher Syed for Readers’ Favorite

Decision Making Essentials You Always Wanted to Know by Vibrant Publishers and Mark Koscinski is one of twelve books in the Self Learning Management series, and came to fruition after Koscinski’s wife requested that her husband make a chart for a manager who seemed to waffle when it came to making decisions. Broken down into eleven separate and interconnected chapters, the book covers virtually all aspects of the process and its considerations when making a firm choice. These include the personal pitfall potential of those making a decision based on their bias, their strengths and their weaknesses, research and outside discussion, planning and prediction, analysis and method, among many other variables. The book also includes anecdotal scenarios and sample questions, as well as a chapter summary and discussion questions.

Decision Making Essentials You Always Wanted to know stands out in its tone, honed by seasoned authority and university professor Mark Koscinski, and its function, a hallmark of Vibrant Publishers and the entire Self Learning Management series. I loved how the book pulled together more than just a laundry list of methods and instead focused on the entire process of decision-making. There’s a psychology to it that is as important as the methodology and external elements that are frequently ignored. My favorite section is one that gives the outline that Koscinski’s wife asked of him; the Decision Tree, a graphic representation of all possible outcomes—or at least the ones that can be thought of. In a day and age where there’s a global pandemic, this book is likely to be far more important in that we must re-evaluate the possibility of the impossible. This is a fantastic book that will find itself useful to all decision-makers, from homemakers to CEOs.

You can find a second book review here. Many thanks to the kind reviewers and to the students who have written kind reviews about this book.

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