I currently am an assistant professor of accounting practice at Moravian College in Bethlehem PA, I teach a wide range of courses including Financial Accounting, Federal Income Taxes, Managerial Accounting (graduate course), and Decision-Making (graduate course).  However, I came to the academic world the long way around.  For a substantial part of my career, I was a CPA in public and private practice.  Eventually, I completed my doctorate in liberal arts at Drew University in Madison NJ.

Aside from my teaching background, I have extensive corporate management experience, including being:

  • An audit manager at KPMG where I was responsible for the Panasonic and several large NJ bank audits. I developed significant expertise in SEC matters.
  • Controller of a large financial institution.  My innovative tax strategy resulted in a $16 million tax refund.
  • CFO of a merchant banking firm with affiliates in the brokerage, real estate, and natural products world. I developed significant expertise in mergers and acquisitions.
  • CFO of a privately owned toy company. During my time here, I was the first person to install SAP in a company with revenues under $100 million. In conjunction with my IT Director, we developed an innovative approach to the installation of the R3 software.
  • CFO of a publicly traded engineering services company with over $350 million in revenue and approximately 4,000 employees.  I led a restatement of the company’s financial reports.
  • The manager of a small consulting practice,including
    • Interim CFO of:
      • A construction and masonry company
      • A medical devices company
      • A start-up pharma company
      • CFO of a Catholic dioceses
      • Chairman of the Board of Directors of a Center of Independent Living
    • A representative of my clients before the Appellate division of  the IRS.

I believe I bring a wide array of skills to the classroom, as I was responsible for every area of a company over the course of my career, including sales.