First, I’d like to say I honestly and really enjoyed this class! Top two of all my classes in the MBA program! And the value of this topic to my current job is invaluable, so that makes it number 1! Obtaining a deeper understanding of accounting and finance were my primary drivers for taking on an MBA. Its hard to learn these topics well in 8 weeks….I also want to call out that this professor was TRULY INVESTED IN OUR LEARNING!!. Which is markedly different (and much improved) from so many of my previous courses! Prof Koscinski was more focused on us obtaining a real understanding of the material rather than being critical of mistakes! (So many of my previous professors in the MBA program were critical and killed the morale of the students). Note: Of ALL the departments (courses) we’ve had over this program – as a whole the Accounting and Finance (and R Analytics) teams were the best!! The material is tough, especially for students who do not have a formal education/background in A&F. I found that these profs were patient, considerate, and tried VERY hard to help our class succeed! The professor was available regularly to respond to questions and offer help! This kept my stress and anxiety down during the course and was invaluable!! I honestly can’t say enough great things about this professor!

• Presents the material in easy to digest formats and also explains real-world applications instead of just theory

• The professor was very engaging, he went out of his way to explain the material and went the extra step to give us the resources we needed. He was one of the best professors i’ve had at Moravian.

 • The instructor was always available to answer any questions outside of class hours. He was also very helpful when I was struggling with homework/quiz questions.

 • This was a very challenging course and forced me to work harder than I had in some other courses. However, it was probably one of the few classes in this MBA cohort that had some real life application for me and my career. 

• Dr. K’s extensive real-world experience allowed us to understand the concepts further. • 

Learned a lot about how to apply the knowledge to the real world. • 

The connection to real life events strengthened the concepts we learned in class. • 

I also thought the material we went over was very beneficial as we learned a ton that will stay with me in my career. • 

The professor and his lectures were extremely helpful and aided in studying. 

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