I was privileged to review Cambridge Business Publisher’s text Managerial Accounting 9th Edition. I have successfully used the previous edition in both undergraduate accounting and graduate accounting classes (with some supplement for this class). I have used Cambridge Business Publisher’s texts for many of my classes and have never been disappointed. They are an outstanding publisher of business textbooks.

I also have been very actively involved with reviewing material for Wiley Publishing. My projects there include:

  1. Reviewing Chapter 6 of its new Federal Income Tax course  Fundamentals of Individual and Business Entities Taxation: A Practical Approach. The text and accompanying ancillary materials will become available for the Fall 2022 semester (anticipated).
  2. Reviewing a chapter of the new accounting information systems text.
  3. Reviewing selected chapters in Fundamentals of Taxation for Indviduals 2022

Wiley is an outstanding company producing outstanding educational material. I look forward to working with them in developing the new federal income tax text.