Spasmodic dysphonia is a condition we don’t hear a lot about. It is a voice disorder that  causes involuntary spasms in the muscles of the voice box or larynx. The voice tends to break and often has a strangled sound. Sometimes the person who is afflicted with this malady can’t speak at all. It is a life-long condition, most often afflicting women beginning at the age or thirty. Its cause is not known, but it can devastate lives and careers.  I offer this humble prayer for those who must bear this infirmity:

O Most Merciful Lord, Physician of souls and bodies, hear the plea of Your servant  who labors under the burden of this dread affliction.  I pray this malady is lifted from me not for my own benefit, but  so I may sing praises to Your Holy Name with a canticle as the priest Zechariah did when his tongue was loosened. You said of the Man Born Blind his affliction was given to him so Your works can be demonstrated .  Let your glory be made manifest through me, not for my glorification, but for Yours.  Give me the strength to persevere and step into the healing waters after your angel has stirred them so I may be cured if that is Your will. For You are the source of all grace and healing and we glorify You with your Father and Your Holy Spirit, now and ever, and forever, Amen. 


Saints who suffered voice disabilities:

Moses, the God-Seer. Commemorated September 4. God appointed Aaron to speak for Moses since he was unsure of his speech.

Zechariah, Commemorated September 5. For disbelieving the prophecy of the Angel Gabriel about the birth of his son, Zechariah was speechless until the birth of John the Baptist. When he spoke again, he proclaimed a beautiful canticle about his son.