During the Fall 2017 semester,   the student body of Moravian College was asked to sign a petition to the local Congressman requesting Congress not change the deduction for student loan interest.  I am proud to say  the Moravian Business Leaders Club was able to obtain several hundred signatures on the petition.   Since I was teaching federal income tax that semester, I thought it was very important for students to become active in the politics of a matter that has great significance for their future.   I also assisted in the volunteer income tax assistance program at Moravian College.

I sponsored an internship for a student with MOCEANS CIL (“MOCEANS”)   The student was responsible for updating and editing the MOCEANS strategic plan.  This was a half-unit (2 credit) summer project.  The project announcement follow below.

MOCEANS Strategic Plan  Announcement

I also sponsored three externships for students at MOCEANS.  This was a two day intensive “dive” into the operations of MOCEANS and an interesting experience for all of the students.  The Agenda for the two day process follows below.

Moravian Externship Agenda

I have also been delivering a series of short talks to the Moravian Business Leaders Club.  The first dealt with Ethical Decision Making in the workplace.  The second dealt with Negotiating.  The third will happen in the Fall  2018 semester. I believe it is important for students to learn skills not necessarily covered in academic courses.

Making the tough call_ ethical considerations in Decision-Making (1)


Decision Making Presentation
Announcement for my presentation on Negotiating to the Moravian Business Leaders

The third discussion in the series was on Decision Making Style   This was an interactive presentation where students were asked to take an on-line test diagnosing their decision making style.

Announcement for the Third Presentation to the Moravian Business Leaders Club

I  moderated a panel at the Moravian College Medieval and Modern Studies Conference  on December 1, 2018.  My panel  presented on:

Shianne Reimer (Moravian College): “Priests Behaving Badly.”
Kathryn Phipps (Princeton University): “A New Taste of the Spanish Reformation.”
Carlie Brainard (Iona College): “Strengths and Weaknesses of Virgil as a Guide Through Purgatory.”
The link to the announcement is:
I have participated in the VITA program the last two years at Moravian.