Portions of my career were spent as a financial executive of various public companies.  The following  link is to the Form 10-KSB filed by my employer  in 1996.  The biography of directors and executives, including mine,  appears near the end of the document.  You can also see my signature as CFO at the very end of the document.


This is a Form 8-K announcing my appointment as Controller of Butler International Inc. The company is now known as Butler Aerospace and Engineering.  In the following year I was named Chief Financial Officer of the company.


Pressman Toy Corporation, where I served as CFO was the first company with revenues under $100 million to install SAP.  I was brought in as CFO to deal with a proposed acquisition and an increase in revenues from $20 million to $75 million (numbers are approximate)


This link is an interview I gave to Kiplinger while I was CFO of the Diocese of Passaic.  It occurred during the financial crisis of the last decade.  The topic was brokered certificates of deposit as a way to maintain FDIC insurance for the diocese’ s investment accounts.


A recent endeavor was serving as a member of the board of Directors of MOCEANS CIL, Inc., a Center for Independent Living:


I have had some interesting clients in my consulting practice.  One  of my favorites are:


I do try to”give back” to the community as well.   For over a decade I served as a deacon in the Byzantine Catholic Church: