What were the strongest aspects of this course?

  • Learned more in this course than any course I have had thus far. One of the only courses I have learned and developed tools that I can use outside of the classroom and throughout the rest of mycareer. One of the best in-class courses I have had, much more than just a lecture each week. The activities and discussions we had each week contributed to my learning. Course setup was very good. Dr. K has an immense amount of knowledge on the materials which resulted in more learnings than most courses. Textbook very difficult to read, but the discussions and activities Dr. K put together were much better than the text.
  • The instructor used a variety of lectures, discussions and other tools in class which we very helpful to the learning process.
  • Strong Aspects of this course would be learning the Value Tree’s since that was a majority of the homework assignments.
  • Mark’s realistic course objectives paired with his accommodating approach to the course were extremely helpful throughout the semester. Mark assigned a realistic workload for a graduate level course and would communicate with the class on assignments and due dates. He extended the due date of one of our assignments one week so that he could have time to give us feedback on a similar assignment. This allowed us to review our previous work before submitting the next assignment so that we could address any issues we had with the homework with him. He cared about what we got from the course and provided supplemental material weekly including ted talks, lectures, and videos. It is evident that he cares about the course and his students’ learning experience.
  • -The class provided easy discussion! Whether it was the lectures, discussions, or in class discussions, everything flowed so easily and got the students thinking about applying the material to avariety of situations -The content of the course was extremely applicable to any profession and any situation -While the content of the course wasn’t difficult (besides the few decision trees we all struggled with), it was important and informative information -I can take away the content of this class and apply it to each and every situation I face. I now consciously think about what heuristic I use to make simple, quick decisions!
  • Mark was very open to discussion in the classroom with students sharing their personal work experiences related to the topic at hand. We were able to appreciate different perspectives of problemsfrom various fields such as health care, human resources, production, sports management and telecommunications. The online discussions were also very stimulating and were good applications of the course material. Just reading and regurgitating a text book is boring. Mark made the topics of probabilities and statistics more interesting by sharing videos and real-life examples. Even the homework was interesting to follow up with a review and discussion which aided my motivation and learning. We may all possess some knowledge but not all of us can teach others. Excellent teacher!
  • I really believe Mark is one of the most fair professors I’ve had so far at Moravian. He understands the work-life balance in the classroom and respects his students. In terms of the course work, theonline discussions were always engaging and strong.
  • Mark forced you to think critically, to think outside the box. The strongest aspects of this course were the class discussions, sharing peer assignments and going over them in class and the Ted Extalks that Mark shared. The textbook wasn’t as great as I would have liked, but Mark took the textbook and explained it in a very logical manner
  • Open discussion for all topics, Everyone had to present at some point. Videos were helpful.
  • Really learned a lot and now I even watch TV Shows differently and approach all decisions differently.
  • The strongest aspect of the course is the professor himself. Mark’s resume is impressive and he is very knowledgable in the accounting/finance field and brought up many good points about the subjects that were taught to us. He did open my mind a little when it comes to decision making in corporate surroundings. The instructor is the strongest aspect of the course.
  • The strongest aspects of this course were that the instructor, Mark, was very knowledgeable about the subject outside of the theory that was being taught from the book. He had real world experiences and tried to make the class as enjoyable as possible.
  • Mark did a great job dealing with my personal dissension of the material. While I think this course is a probably great for the Data Analytics majors, I don’t think it should be Decision Analysis for Managers, because I whole-heartedly believe that decisions are not made using these methods in the “real world.” But, for what it was, the course was great! Mark did a wonderful job, although I just don’t personally agree with the material.

The discussions between instructor and other students continue to be the best part of the Moravian curriculum.