I just wanted to share some comments from a very accomplished student of mine this semester, Kasara Weinrich:

When Moravian College released their Online MBA, I was nervous to take the plunge amid an already hectic schedule, but the program boasts flexibility along with weekly synchronized sessions that allow for connection. They weren’t lying!

This week, we had a family trip planned to Kalahari – midweek to avoid crowds and to maintain social distancing for COVID, while still giving the family an exciting adventure.

I attended one of our synchronous sessions in the water park to still be there for my Sully Jack when he needed to nurse and to steal 5 minutes during our break to watch Rowan go down the “GINORMOUS SLIDES”, while also enjoying a fantastic Decision Analysis class with Mark Koscinski!

In 2020, graduate learning can look like this! If you’re wondering if you can find the time – the answer is YES!

Thank you so much for the comment!

Additional student comments from the Fall 2022 Decision Analysis Class:

Very engaging professor, one of the best I’ve had so far in the program! Course content and assignments are well thought-out
• I’ve never had a professor who would leave audio file feedback on each assignment, and I listened to each one… you can really tell that Mark Koscinski cares about his students. As for the curriculum… going into the course I thought there would be a heavier lean on statistical models with management theory, but there is more of a balance between applied statistics and psychology, and how diversely the opinions of experts are laid out from week to week. This is definitely a newer field of study and an important one.
• Each module was easily applied in life and work life. Honestly this was one of the best classes in my entire MBA experience
• The course was very well organized, and there was an appropriate amount of assigned tasks each week.
• I liked how he provided feedback on material using audio comments. It felt more personal and relevant to the material than just a note.
• Very interesting and valuable content to know for any field
• The class really opened up my mind in the different ways we approach decision making.
• Dr. Kosinski is a great teacher! The course information was organized and there were so many resources for us.

Once again, thank you all for your kind comments and for participating in the class. I enjoy this just as much as all of you do.

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