Selected Student Evaluations Comments–Fall 2022

This was definitely one of the most difficult courses I’ve taken in my college career, but it opened my eyes to view my financial life differently. Dr. Koscinski challenges you to think about the course
material in terms of the real world and I think despite the difficulty, it was an incredibly beneficial course to take.

The strongest aspect of this course is Dr. Koscinski’s extensive knowledge about the subject, and the effective tax returns and exams that related heavily to the material.

The professor is very knowledgable about the subject matter and is more than willing to help us with whatever we need.

This class was one of the most beneficial classes I have taken at Moravian because of its relevance.

Dr. K one of the greatest professors I’ve had in my 4 years of college, and three different colleges attended

Classes Taught:

Decision Analysis (graduate course)

Federal Income Taxes


Forensic Accounting and Auditing

Other Responsiblities

Undergraduate Student Academic Advisor

Fraternity Academic Advisor

Member–Discipline Review Committee

Member–Untenured Faculty Committee

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