Thanks for joining me!  I am a visiting assistant professor of accounting at Moravian College in Bethlehem Pennsylvania.   I teach the full range of accounting courses at Moravian, from the introductory Financial Accounting class to Advanced Accounting.  I have also earned a doctorate in Eastern Christian Spirituality from Drew University in Madison NJ, and served as a Catholic deacon for over ten years.  I have also been privileged to be on the Board of Directors of MOCEANS, CIL, a not-for-profit organizations for the last three years.  I served as Board Chairman for those three years.  I have many observations I hope to share with other NFP board members. Hopefully, you will find an interesting mix of business and religious writings on this website.

This blog will serve as a place where I can collect my musings and gather my thoughts together for eventual publications.   I hope you will join me, and send comments as we go along.

My website is under construction, but I hope to build it into something you  will want to visit often.



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