Today is the start of the major league baseball season. Major League Baseball is big business and some of its aspects have already been discussed in these pages. Many issues were already overhanging baseball before the onslaught of COVID. The collective bargaining agreement needs to be renegotiated next year. Attendance has been declining. The fan base is aging. My beloved Mets are up for sale–again. (Don’t feel too bad for ownership though. Forbes estimates the team is worth $2.4 billion. It was purchased for less than $400 million, resulting in a slick 12% compounded rate of return for a mismanaged team if a sale goes through at the reported value.)

And then, there is COVID, the 800 pound gorilla in the baseball room. Besides the human tragedy the pandemic has caused, it has altered the very core of baseball itself. There are a slew of new odd rules (someone please explain the roster rules to me) and a shortened. Fans are argue about what a championship would mean this year, if anything. What happens if a team’s starting lineup tests positive for COVID? What happens if COVID is around next year too?

I simply don’t care about any of this except for the human pain caused by COVID of course. Baseball is a national treasure, and I can’t wait to watch a game. As a deprived fan, I have been reduced to watching the neighbors kids play wiffle ball (from a socially safe distance of course.). These youngsters played with a great deal of enthusiasm, and I loved it. They ribbed each other in a good natured way and made fun of their favorite teams. It was great.

I need more though. I need to see a major league slider and a two seam fastball. I need to see someone go from first to third on a base hit. I need to hear Keith Hernandez and Ron Darling call a Met’s game. The country and I need Major League Baseball! Not only will it bring joy to baseball fans, but it will help the economy as well. As long as the players are safe, I say Batter Up!

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