Last Round of Horseshoes for Summer 2021

As Labor Day approaches many organizations are returning to the office and schools will be holding in person classes. We can only hope and  pray the pandemic will abate as we move through the rest of the year.   As summer fades away, it is now time for the last round of NFP horseshoes for the Summer of 2021. For the sake of brevity, I won’t repeat the scoring rules here as I have already done that earlier this Summer. 

A Ringer!–RSM LLP, a large accounting and consulting firm,  acquires C Systems, a technology services provider to the NFP world. To be sure, RSM is known for its presence in the NFP world, but this acquisition shows their confidence in the rebound of this sector. Perhaps it is a good sign for all those working in the NFP world!  PNC Bank also recently spoke about the increased potential of merger and acquisitions in the NFP sector. (Access the article here.) You can read the press release from RSM here. As an aside, RSM offers continuing education courses for NFP personnel that can be accessed here

A Ringer! Moceans CIL going strong! Moceans CIL is a center for independent living, serving Monmouth and Ocean counties NJ.  Despite the pandemic, the staff of Moceans continues to serve their client base. They  and  all the NFP organizations that have persevered through the pandemic are to be commended for their dedication to their mission. The MOCEANS website can be found here.  May they  and all NFP organizations continue to have good fortune in their future endeavors. 

Missed the Stake.  The Trial of Cardinal Becciu adjourned until October. The trial of the former papal chief of staff  (or, sostituto as the position is known) started in late July and was adjourned until early October.  Yes, Italy tends to shut down for the month of August so that explains some of the delay. However, it seems there has been a certain level of incompetence in the management of the trial.  For instance, the defense has not received all of the evidence against Angelo Cardinal Becciu yet.  One can only hope the Vatican has the wherewithal to deal with such a complicated trial.  That remains to be seen. Pope Francis has made some strides lately to clean up the corruption of the Vatican Curia (including this trial) , but it seems it is too little and way too late in his pontificate. I won’t even get into the petty corruption and graft that exists in all of the dioceses around the world. The Catholic Church is arguably the largest NFP entity in the world and should set the standard for Good Stewardship of the Faithful’s assets for not only the Vatican curia but for all dioceses throughout the world.  Sadly, this has not been the case. 

Missed the Stake.  FASB has not delayed the implementation of ASC 842.  For those of you who aren’t aware, ASC 842 is the new lease accounting standards issued by the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB).  Due to the pandemic, the previous effective date has been delayed for NFP entities that begin their fiscal year after December 21, 2021.  While one might think that this gives NFPs the whole year to get the lease accounting under control, that is not correct.  ASC 842 is effective for interim financial periods as well.  So, if the NFP has to provide financial information to lenders on a quarterly basis it needs to get cracking on this project now.  One has to wonder though.  Many NFP organizations are having a hard time operating in the pandemic as it is. This is just one more burden for them.   Will they be sacrificed on the altar of theoretically correct accounting? Would it have been so traumatic for the FASB to grant one more extension? 

Wel, that wraps up our horseshoe games for this summer!  The semester at Moravian University has is starting so I will be concentrating on that for a while.  I hope you had a great summer. Stay healthy!

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