December 21, 2021

Dear Santa:

It truly has been a tough year, but we were all good.  We worked hard to keep our organization going, often on a shoestring budget.  So, when you are making your rounds tonight and come to town, could you please bring us:

  • A Web designer.  We need to update our website so we can get our message out more effectively and to more people.  Oh yes, we have to  add a donation button to the website as well.  Could you see to that as well? 
  • A Cyber security expert.  Obviously, if we get a new website we need to make sure it is hacker resistant. Data security is so important these days.  We can’t afford to get our website hacked and held for ransom. 
  • A CPA.  Who can understand the PPP rules, not to mention that new lease accounting we have to figure out?  Maybe those guys at the FASB will leave us alone this year?  If they have any bright ideas about new accounting standards in 2022 we hope they keep them to themselves. 
  • A whole bunch of volunteers.  That includes the first four people on this list and a lot of others to help us carry out our mission this year.  
  • People willing to serve on our board.  We know these are far and few between. We also know this is a big time commitment for someone.   You have a pretty wide network of friends.  Perhaps you can convince some of them to donate their time and talent to help us out?  

Of course, you don’t have to drop them down the chimney.  They can knock on the front door and we will let them in. If you want though, could you leave us five gallons of hand sanitizer and wipes?  You can definitely leave those under the tree in the office. If that isn’t possible because of supply chain issues,  perhaps you can just leave a check to help us balance our budget this year? 

 Please kindly remember all of our volunteers,donors, employees,  clients, vendors and other stakeholders  this year as well.   We couldn’t have done it without them. A few of them might deserve coal in their stocking like the members of the FASB, but please overlook this. They have had a tough year too.  On second thought, perhaps the FASB board members do deserve coal in their stocking for that lease accounting decision they made last month. We’ll leave that up to you.  

 Santa, if it is not too much to ask, can you please bring an end to this Pandemic?  We keep hearing about the “new normal”.  However, the “old normal” was difficult enough for all of our clients and us.  This new world is really putting a strain on the delivery of services to those who are most in need of them. Perhaps you can put a vaccine that works on all mutations of the COVID virus in our stockings?  We know this sounds magical, but we also know you use magic to carry all of those presents in your sleigh.

Finally Santa, we are sad to tell you that there will be no milk and cookies for you tonight.  The Governor won’t let anyone eat or drink in the office.  Unfortunately, that includes you.  When you drop in tonight, you have to wear a mask in the office as well.  By the way, are you vaccinated? 

Have a wonderful and restful Christmas Santa.  We hope Mrs. Klaus, the elves, and you all have a great New Year as well.  

Very truly yours,

The Board and Management

Any NFP Organization

PS.  Don’t forget to get the elves vaccinated if there are more than 100 of them! We don’t want OSHA coming after you. 

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