Many of you are Star Trek fans and recognize the title of this blog entry was the name of the series finale of the Star Trek: TNG  television show.  By the time that episode was aired the  show had run for seven years  and 178 episodes.  The character development and the plot lines had begun to run a little thin.   It was the right time to end the show, and that was exactly what happened.  The show ended on a high note and its fans remember Star Trek: TNG fondly.

There is a lesson to be learned here for all business people.  Sometimes it is just best to end an activity.   We all know this can be a tough thing to do.  Think of a veteran baseball player  continuing  to hang on for years after he should have retired.  It can be painful to watch.  Sometimes business people will “double down”  on a bad decision.  That also can be painful to watch  as time and energy are poured into a project with no seeming return.

Why is it so difficult to end an activity?  There can be many reasons. Perhaps it was something we have been good at. Sometimes  we simply don’t want to admit we made a mistake. In both of the above cases, so much ego and self-identification can be invested in an  activity it is difficult to pull the plug even when it is evident to all but the most partial observer.

So after five years on the board of directors of MOCEANS Inc.  it is time to take my own advice and call it quits. Four of those years were spent as chairman of the board of directors.  The last year was spent transitioning to a new board and board officers.  Just as in an aging television series, ideas about organizations can run their course and fresh leadership is needed.  That is the case here.  Management and the new board deserves an opportunity to apply their creativity and come up with a new agenda to propel our little NFP to new heights.   As the Lone Ranger was wont to say: “My work is done here.” It is not done everywhere else though.  It is time to find other venues  where I can continue to contribute and give back to the community.

I have enjoyed my time at MOCEANS.  I learned about a disadvantaged segment of our population, met a lot of people, and contributed  a lot of time.  I thank everyone in the organization from my fellow board members right down to the interns I have worked with.  They are truly a special group of people. Hopefully, I have helped my fellow man.  Isn’t this what we are put on this earth for?

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