I would like to congratulation MOCEANS CIL (MOCEANS) on holding its Annual Meeting on May 16 and the election of new directors. The organization has made incredible strides in the last year and is on its way to another successful year under its current leadership.

Congratulations is also due to the organization for another gala event held in April 2019. For more information about the gala, and the possibility of donating or volunteering for a worthy cause, please see the MOCEANs website at http://www.moceanscil.org. This is the second year the gala has been held. It is a new venture to raise community awareness of MOCEANS and to raise unencumbered funds for the organization.

MOCEANS, like many other not-for-profit organizations receives grant money from the federal and state governments. In the “fee for service” environment, government agencies limit the amount an organization can charge for its services. Citizens will appreciate the parsimonious attitudes these agencies espouse, but it does make the delivery of services by NFPs that much more difficult. It always seems resources and funds are in short supply at an NFP. This is why fundraising, in whatever form, is critical to the success of an NFP. Hopefully, events like the gala will continue to grow. Contributions to MOCEANS tax deductible. Please consider donating to a worthy cause. Information about donations is available at http://www.moceanscil.org.

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