Clubs and voluntary associations have been with us for a long time and have had a profound influence on the world.   For instance, many scholars believe the early Christian Church was organized in much the same way ancient Roman clubs were organized.   Many of these associations were for eleemosynary purposes.  This tradition goes on to this day.  A great deal of charitable work is still done by voluntary associations and clubs such as fire departments, emergency rescue squads, and the Coast Guard Auxiliary just to mention a few.  Members of these organizations demonstrate the best qualities of humanity, contributing their time, talent, and treasure to improve the lives of others.

I have been proud to be the faculty adviser to the Moravian craft club, Stitches. Though this club is not as old as Roman clubs (by maybe two millennia…), Stitches’ members have crocheted clothing items for those in need now for years.  Their devotion has been remarkable. As this semester winds down, I want to give a special shout out to another member of the Moravian faculty, Dr. Kristin Baxter, associate professor of art for giving her time and talent to the club this semester.  All members surely appreciated her presence.  The officers of the club all worked hard this semester.  Special thanks go to Gabriela Landi, the group president.  She will be going off into the working world at the end of this semester.  We wish her all the best! I congratulate the new president and executive board as they undertake their new duties at the end of this semester. I can’t mention everyone and their contribution here, but you know I appreciate your participation and I look forward to next semester.

Note: Moravian student clubs decorate the benches at the College.  The picture is the bench decorated by Stitches.

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