Time for Another Round of Horseshoes!

This blog started using horseshoe scoring for important events in the NFP and state government world.  Here is the result of the second round of horseshoes: 

A Double Ringer–that’s right, six points!  Rare indeed for this column. The double ringer was scored by the Bill  and Melinda Gates Foundation, combined with the Rotary. Yes, I know. I am not a big Bill Gates fan.  However, only the most bitter of critics would not acknowledge his foundation and the Rotary may commit  up to $1.5 billion to end childhood polio in the world. We in the United States have taken this for granted for a long time. Hopefully, the rest of the world will be able to do so as well soon. The following websites have more information:   



Missing the stake–Following the lead of several other states,  New Jersey is considering banning independent contractor status.  Businesses are already fleeing the State because of high tax rates and the inhospitable climate there.  The current Governor and his administration is devising yet another way to impose a burden on business. Governor Murphy is in line to receive the Grinch award at this holiday season.  Additional information can be found at:


Not only missing the stake, but the entire horseshoe pit— The former mayor of Baltimore was indicted on eleven counts of  fraud, conspiracy and tax evasion charges. To be sure, the mayor is entitled to the presumption of innocence and her day in court. The articles on this webpage have talked about the need for internal control in NFP and governmental entities. The most critical component of internal control is the control environment, often referred to as the “tone at the top”.  If the head of the organization and the executive management exhibit a concern for effective internal control then the rest of the organization will too. Perhaps this sounds a bit cynical, but if the person at the top of the pyramid is alleged to be defrauding other people, including NFP entities, the finance department and the auditors may want to be a little more cautious as they are carrying out their duties. 


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