The Zeta Tau Sorority of Moravian College does its major fundraising for Breast Cancer Awareness during this week. It is truly a worthy cause undertaken by a remarkable group of students here at Moravian College. Despite the ravages of COVID, breast cancer still occurs at an alarming rate and we can’t forget that. One out of eight women are diagnosed with breast cancer, so sadly, the odds it will afflict someone we know is pretty high. Please consider giving generously to help contain and hopefully eradicate this scourge.

I reminded my classes this week it is important to be involved and to give back to your community. It doesn’t matter what cause you champion or what not-for-profit group you join. The important thing is to help change and improve the world. The good work may only effect one person at a time today, but sustained good work will ripple through the years like the “Butterfly Effect”, impacting more people in a positive way than you could possibly imagine.

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